Monday, June 13, 2011

Some super cheap and super huge food

Well, we ended up getting bored, and decided to make a little run to the store.

We bought the following things-

1 huge can of cheese
5 pound bag of tortilla chips
1 pound of bacon
1 pound of chicken
1 pound of beef
An assortment of 5 different hot peppers, including habeneros
Some bell peppers
Sour cream
A friend made some tequila guacamole
5 different cheeses

So we fried up the meat, laid the tortilla chips, laid out the piled on the ingredients, and had about 10 pounds of nachos. Check it out.

Not too bad for about 4-5 bucks a person when you get 6-7 people together. More food than you could finish without throwing up first.


  1. Man what is a can of cheese? Can you buy canned cheese? I have never heard of it. Nachos are definitely the way to go for big eats. Next time try adding some black beans, it adds to the mexican feel and fills you up even more (plus super cheap).

  2. Remove the meat, and this would be absolutely delicious! Followed.

  3. Haha Braden a can of cheese is like that cheap nacho cheese stuff that you get hot when you go to some sort of sporting event. I guess I meant like cheese dip?

  4. OMG i want to have some, ahh the cheese looks soo niceeee =(

  5. this made me want nachos. REALLY BAD!

  6. I love cheese, this looks great, I will try it out. :D

  7. I'm interested in the tequila guacamole, never heard of it

  8. It looks great with that gratuitous amounts of CHEESE!

  9. 10 pounds of Nachos? Heaven.