Monday, June 20, 2011

Damn it's been a bit. Laptop fans decided to finally crap out on me, so I had to take it apart and fix them myself. Thankfully that saved about a hundred give or take after repair fees. Hopefully everyone had a sweet time with their fathers on fathers day.

I know I for one had some butcher shop made hot dogs that were about a half a pound a piece. Be jealous, because they were amazing.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Some super cheap and super huge food

Well, we ended up getting bored, and decided to make a little run to the store.

We bought the following things-

1 huge can of cheese
5 pound bag of tortilla chips
1 pound of bacon
1 pound of chicken
1 pound of beef
An assortment of 5 different hot peppers, including habeneros
Some bell peppers
Sour cream
A friend made some tequila guacamole
5 different cheeses

So we fried up the meat, laid the tortilla chips, laid out the piled on the ingredients, and had about 10 pounds of nachos. Check it out.

Not too bad for about 4-5 bucks a person when you get 6-7 people together. More food than you could finish without throwing up first.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sometimes creativity is a BAD idea

As a broke ass bachelor, I never have any real food to cook with, so when struck with hunger, I had to improvise.

I had the following ingredients...

Peanut Butter

Not much to make food out of...but I still had to eat.

I finally decided to throw it all together, even going as far as putting some brown sugar on the bacon to caramelize it, which turned out...odd.

After creating the abomination sandwich, it was so sweet it was all I could taste, and I almost puked.

The point being, sometimes messing around can turn out well, but if you have a set of ingredients like I have, just stay the hell away from them.

Suppose I should say something interesting.

Well, decided to create a blog to help keep me somewhat entertained in my free time, as well as right down a few thoughts that some people might enjoy/find useful.

Well, first off, since I'm broke as hell, I'm trying to cut costs.

After thinking about it, you can actually save a ton of money and get more food than you usually would with dollar menus. For instance, decide you want to hit up McDonalds(low brow as hell, but somewhat filling). At this point, usually you would grab whatever combo you would usually get(for me it's the Quarter Pounder meal, about 5.50 where I live). Well, After thinking about it, you can get even more food just by hitting up the dollar menu. You could get 4 mcdoubles and a drink for the same price. Or if you want to mix it up, you could get 2 mcdoubles, a large fry, and drink for the same price. Or you could get a ton of sandwiches and just get water. Really, you can end up saving a lot of money or be a fatass and get way more food.

Also, of special interest is Taco Bell. I'm convinced you can go in there with three bucks and leave so full you want to puke. Even though the meat is low quality as hell, if you actually like the food, simply scanning the menu lets you see that value menu or whatever it is and realize that all the food is cheap as shit. Even the "insert whatever promo item of month" box meal is a great deal. You always get so much damn food for 5 bucks.

If you prefer home eating, rice is the way to go. You can get so much rice, and throw a little meat and sauce on it, say rice and curry with beef, for about 4 bucks a meal, and rice is one of the most long lasting filling foods I know of. Also, you could just eat it as a really cheap side, and it's so simple that if you manage to mess it up more than a few times, you don't deserve to even eat.

I could ramble on forever about it, and I might more, if there's any interest in great deals while eating out or whatnot. Guess time will tell.